Pharmaceuticals are making a greater impact in the space.

Xiidra (Shire PLC) was the first entry into the ophthalmic market in over a decade.  However, it is far from the last.  

Now, Restasis MDPF (Allergan) can be found on pharmacy shelves across the country and offers the same benefits as the single-use vials with the greater convenience of a multi-dose bottle.  

Sun Pharmaceutical Industries, Ltd. has announced Phase 3 confirmatory clinical trials on its 0.09% cyclosporine preparation.  Further down the pipeline are drugs like Mimetogen, whose licensure was acquired by Allergan, and P-321 acquired by Shire.  

Diagnostic options are evolving further than ever before.

Meibography was once limited to academic institutions and the most affluent practices.  Now, the purchase of equipment has never been more attainable with the release of LipiScan (TearScience) and Meibox (Box Medical Solutions).  

Point-of-care diagnostics like Inflammadry (RPS) allow for fast testing (approximately 10 minutes) for the presence of MMP-9 and easy interpretation of results.

As doctors see more and more tools in the box, it is our responsibility to not only take the patient’s complaints seriously but, also, to be the first to diagnose and inform.  

“New” can be intimidating to some, but it is really a gift to both doctors and their patients.