Would you believe I actually finished one of my projects?

Yes, it’s true disbelievers, I finished one of my projects. Today marks the day I officially handed back the keys to my old “store” and committed head-on to my new “office.” It took a year of planning, six months of construction, countless sleepless nights and bleary-eyed days, but my beautiful new office is up and running with nary a hiccup.  

I am living my dream….

After 25 years in a retail environment, albeit a highly professional one that many would barely recognize as retail, I have decided to take the plunge and transition to a traditional “doctor’s office.” No more window displays, no more storefront.  

To tell you the truth, my creative side will miss making fun holiday displays during the NYC Christmas window season. I am still a little scared that no one will ever find me again and that my loyal patients will somehow disappear.

But in my heart, I know now, as I knew 25 years ago, when as a student, I penned my long-term plan for a practice management assignment, that I am living my dream.

I am now a REAL doctor!

Last week, one of the first patients scheduled at my new office said, “Now that you’re a Central Park West doctor, are you going to be charging Central Park West prices?” Before I had a chance to answer, he added, “NOT THAT I WOULDN’T PAY THEM!!”

I asked a new young patient how she had found us and her response, to my surprise, was, “I walk my dog by here every day and saw your plaque go up.” “I’ve always had my eyes checked at eyeglass stores and decided it was finally time to see a real eye doctor.”  

So yes, I am living my dream. I am now a “REAL doctor.”

There are some other unforeseen benefits.

So far, in two weeks, not a single person has wandered in asking us to check and adjust “these glasses I got at Wobbly Pecker.”  Several neighborhood doctors have stopped in to welcome me to the hood and take cards, saying how happy they are that there is a new eye doctor around to refer to.

My opticians actually have time do their work, are happier, and less irritated.  The phones still ring. The schedule is still full. The referring doctors still refer.

I actually think it may be ok. Maybe even, way better than ok.