Advertising on Google

We all strive to elevate ourselves in search ranking on Google. In order to elevate yourself in Google, it’s important first to understand why Google favors one company over another in the organic listings. Let’s look at what Google gets out of it.

Google is first and foremost an advertising company. Some estimates say more than 95% of their revenues are earned from advertising which is funny because they are thought of as a technology company.

What they need

Eyeballs. In order to get more advertising, Google has to have a quality product that draws eyeballs to it. For instance, if you search the term “keratoconus” and the engine pulls up a bunch of Viagra ads you are likely to go find another engine. Thus, it is imperative Google’s search algorithm can pull up the most relevant, quality content and references for the query you type in the search bar. The more eyeballs that view Google the more advertisers they can draw.

How they get it

They need to be able to identify those online creating the best content for any specific query. Who is creating the content they hope to find? Experts! Content online is created by experts, authorities and thought leaders and also commented on and shared by those experts, authorities and thought leaders. Those who have highly shared, liked or commented on content are easily identified by Google, cataloged and more likely to come up in search when people use keywords or key phrase queries around the subject matter an expert is influential around.

You might be an expert, authority or thought leader in eye care, but Google will never know unless you create content that is shared, liked or viewed on the internet, and this is why historically it’s been important to be involved in internet marketing, specifically social media for your practice.

What they get

Money…billions of dollars in advertising for being the premier search engine; a place everyone knows they can depend on to spit out the best, most relevant information.

They must evolve

Google constantly hones their algorithm to make search better for everyone. In their latest update, they started to pay special attention to the “local” aspects of search. They realized that if you live in Ames, Iowa, it would probably be more helpful to provide search results that are closer to home for those seeking services.

By doing this, they improve Google for everyone. Recently, Google introduced a new feature that does not require you to have highly shared internet content or even a website to promote your local business. Google posts.

Through Google “posts”, Google gives away impressive real estate – free branded advertising space. Right now you can publish small ads on the Google sidebar. Google will run it for two weeks, it falls off and then you can run something else. The ads contain call-to-action links as well and are customizable. The results appear in both Google and Maps search results.

While it’s free now, it’s likely a hook so that later you might be upsold on extra features, but for now, it’s totally free. Go to your Google My Business Account and click on “Posts” on the left-side menu when you are in your Google business listing. You can also access it by going to If you don’t have a Google My Business Account you can set yours up here