Dr. Sherrol Reynolds has three key passions: diversity and representation, mentorship, and high-quality eye health care. This has led her to become a strong voice in optometry focused on advocating for the profession’s role in overall healthcare with a goal of increasing communication and collaboration between optometrists and other members of their patients’ healthcare team.

She has won numerous awards and held several key leadership positions for the National Optometric Association, Optometric Retina Society, the National Eye Institute, Prevent Blindness, and the Florida Optometric Society. As a leader in diabetes and diabetic retinopathy education, she is changing the narrative for patients with diabetes and their healthcare providers so that no one unnecessarily loses their vision due to diabetes like her aunt did. Ultimately, she wants every human to have access to high-quality healthcare.

Watch here: https://youtu.be/CJ60GVgsDuQ