Ok, I’ll admit it, I am the bad guy

You have read my articles supporting this or that drop, contact lens, the latest device and the newest therapy. You look at me skeptically and ask yourself “Why should I care? Why should I trust his prescriptive recommendations?” It’s fair to ask, so let me, the “bad guy”, explain.

I hope you do not prescribe a contact lens, drug or use a therapy on the recommendation of any one authority. I pray that a well-written article is not a sole incentive for you to change habits.

Hopefully, when prescribing we keep our patients best interest at heart and recommend a product only when the patient would truly benefit from it. If it’s not obvious already, using a product that is not intended for your patient will not help you, will not help your patient and it will not help the expert who recommended it.

Always keep your patients best interest first

There is no better way to erode your patience’s confidence in you, and your confidence in me than using a product that is not intended for the patient. What we strive for is to use a medication that best benefits the patient, making you a hero, not the other way around.

Speakers, authorities, and peer reviewed published articles help doctors get a better understanding of new devices, contacts, and products by facilitating information on the features and benefits of this new drug or device.

For the most part, those people who speak or write are often highly familiar and knowledgeable of a particular drug or therapy and often times have much more clinical experience with therapeutic or clinical outcomes. The whole purpose of the presentation is for the speaker to share their experience and clinical insight with other clinicians.

Be mindful that it is you, the physician, that your patients trust to solve their problems. Using a drug, contact lens, device, therapy or medication in a patient population where it is not indicated will not benefit you nor your patients and will make me look like I don’t know what I am talking about.

So take it from me, the “bad guy”; no, I don’t want you to prescribe the product I am talking or writing about just because I say so on “everyone”! I want you to benefit your patients and in such I am being the “bad guy” while sharing my experience so we all can benefit.