Full Name: Jason E. Compton

Name of Practice: Compton Eye Associates

Setting: Full Scope OD Practice

Location: Manhattan, NY and Bronx, NY

Date of Birth: March 15th

High School Attended: New Rochelle High School

College Attended: City College of New York

Optometry School Attended: SUNY Optometry

Residency: Wilmington VA Medical Center

Tell us something interesting about yourself: I am great at picking losers. I am a huge Mets, Jets and Knicks fan!

Tell us about your family: Twin daughters (7 years old)

Why did you choose optometry as a career? I was introduced to the profession while working in an optical during college. That doctor took me under their wing and I haven’t looked back since.

What aspects of your professional life do you find most rewarding? 

What aspects of your professional life do you find least rewarding? This is a difficult question because I absolutely love what I do.

How did you end up working where you are now? After residency, I worked in an MD/OD practice for about 8 years. I then opened my own practice and 4 years later I opened my second practice. I currently have my eyes on a 3rd.

What professional conferences do you like best? I am a huge advocate for organized optometry. AOA or “Optometry’s Meeting” is by far the most important to me.

Have you ever used a practice management consultant? Yes, consultants can play a huge role in private practice development. Tapping into others’ experiences can drastically impact your learning curve, which inevitably affects your bottom line.

What advice do you have for young people considering optometry as a career?  New docs need to understand how the profession is changing. In a world of disruptors (online eye exams, the contact lens rule, online vendors for glasses and contact lenses, etc.), we have to be able to change with the times. I strongly feel like specialization can play a huge role in their success. Some examples include Specialty lenses, Pediatrics, Vision Therapy, Low Vision and Ocular Disease.

Please conclude by writing about anything you want people to know about you. As the current chair of the Contact Lens and Cornea section of the AOA, I just want to remind everyone about the recent Contact Lens Rule regulatory requirements. Despite the AOA’s efforts to stop or delay the rollback of these requirements, it is imperative that all contact lens prescribers remain compliant. Please… Please… Please make sure you are providing your contact lens prescriptions and maintaining documentation to prove that.