For optometry practices, optical sales are everything. In fact, on average, glasses and contact lens sales can account for up to 60% of revenue for practices. But as more and more patients opt for the convenience and price cuts of online retailers, some optometrists worry that their revenue may suffer.

If you’re looking to stay competitive with your optical sales, technology can help you and your staff represent your office, products, and services. We recommend using the tools you’ve already invested in, which can provide more value than you might expect. Technology can provide you with intelligence, and it can provide your patients with a personalized experience that can increase your optical sales. Let’s explore a few specific ways in which tech can lend a hand in increasing optical sales.

1. Smarter inventory management 

It may sound obvious, but carrying the frames and lenses that your patients want is critical to increasing optical sales. On top of that, you can’t sell what you don’t have in stock. But how do you know what to carry, how much stock to have on hand, and when to reorder? That’s inventory management, and technology can help. 

Using an optical platform that is designed for inventory management, such as My Vision Express, can give you better insights into your current inventory, what’s selling most, and when to re-order certain frames. Sales reports tell you how much of a given frame model sold in a given period of time and will inform your decision to reorder.  

Your inventory management tool can also help you experiment in diversifying your offerings. For example, you can order a small stock of different types of frames—designer frames, frames used for specific activities, or children’s frames. The data within your optical software will illustrate which of these are selling, and therefore, which you should continue to stock and at what quantities.

2. Connect optical sales to patient records 

As outlined above, investing in specialized optical software could help you manage inventory and sales. Connecting your optical tools to your practice’s electronic health records (EHR) and practice management (PM) systems will provide you with even more intelligence to increase your optical sales. 

How? Say your patient receives cataract surgery at your clinic, needs to schedule appointments before and after their procedure, and then requires a new eyeglasses prescription. Along the way, the patient has questions about the procedure, their changing vision, and their insurance coverage.

By using an EHR and PM platform, your staff can help schedule appointments and surgeries, manage insurance and payments, and store relevant information in the patient’s EHR profile. 

With an optical platform integrated with your EHR and PM, you can save your patients’ eyewear prescriptions, purchase history, and preferences. This will equip your staff to initiate an informed eyewear conversation and make personalized recommendations based on the patient’s past orders.

3. Lean on your website

In addition to your optical, EHR, and PM platforms, you can use your practice’s website as a sales tool by adding web pages about your optical services. Your patients might know you for your medical expertise, but might be unaware that you offer, fit, and sell eyewear. Links to your optical services in your appointment reminders can raise awareness among your patients and increase your optical capture rate. 

When designing your website, include flattering product photographs and an attractive layout. You’ll want to include descriptions of your optical goods and services, but don’t add so much text that it overwhelms the page. When in doubt, make your pages simpler. If patients can buy or re-order glasses or contacts through your website, then you should consider integrating your website with your inventory management system. 

Finally, think about ways in which you can bring the digital experience into your physical space. This can include digital signage with the same high-quality photos from your website or even using emerging technologies such as the Smart Mirror App

How My Vision Express Powers Optical Sales

We’re proud to work with thousands of optometry practices across the country who trust My Vision Express to power their optical sales. My Vision Express is Eye Care Leaders’ all-in-one EHR, PM, and optical platform that lets you manage schedules, visits, inventory, orders, and billing in one place.

The optical module of My Vision Express offers you industry-leading inventory management, which puts you at an advantage when looking to increase your optical sales.

Learn more at, or feel free to contact us for a full demo of My Vision Express.


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