Dr. Abraham Morgentaler is a board-certified urologist, renowned medical researcher, and entrepreneur most recognized for his role is elevating men’s health to an emerging clinical specialty of crucial importance. In 1999, Dr. Morgentaler launched Men’s Health Boston (MHB), the first comprehensive men’s health center in the U.S. MHB’s reputation as a center of excellence rose in lockstep with Dr. Morgentaler’s clinical research on the relationship between testosterone deficiency, male sexual dysfunction, and prostate health. The findings were irrefutable and transformative. Dr. Morgentaler studies proved that too low, not too high, levels of testosterone could be a precursor for prostate disease.

Dr. Morgentaler’s clinical and research findings boldly inverted the traditional urological medical community’s previous assumptions about testosterone levels. Skeptical and resistant, most continued to eschew testosterone therapy as an option for their patients. Nevertheless, he persevered, standing on the firm ground of solid medical science, positive patient response, and nearly 200 published research studies. Today, Dr. Morgentaler is internationally respected and widely known as the “Father of Testosterone Therapy.”

Dr. Morgentaler received his Medical Doctorate from Harvard University, completed his residency at the New England Deaconess Hospital and a Surgery Fellowship at Harvard Medical School. He is currently an Associate Clinical Professor of Urology at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and Harvard Medical School.