Hoot works with top Dry Eye and Myopia Management Practices nationwide. 

Based on our learnings, conversations and analytics here are 5 key strategies to convert a dry eye candidate into a signed up patient:

1. Diagnose Clinically. 

Diagnosing an often asymptomatic illness like Dry Eyes with a qualitative assessment like questionnaires is not enough. Patients need to clinically see what’s going on with their Meibomian glands to believe that they need treatment. Conducting a meibography is a powerful way to demonstrate the clinical problem especially for patients who need objective validation.

2. Don’t cram the comp.

Diagnosing, educating, selling and prescribing in one visit can be extremely overwhelming for not just the patient but also for the doctor. Successful dry eye clinics have a clearly defined process that splits the comp and the dry eye follow up. Otherwise we risk overwhelming the patient out the door.

3. Pre-educate before they come back.

The split conversion model will only work if you fill the time in between the comprehensive visit and the ocular surface evaluation with automated education. Hoot helps you send patient educational content to the patient’s cell phone automatically. We live in a virtual world, where everything exists on our devices, so naturally, you need to market to patients in the language they are fluent in.

4. Shift the language. 

The Pharma industry has influenced consumers to think dry eye disease equals drops. As dry eye experts, we need to shift the language to medical — to Ocular Surface Disease or Meibomian gland dysfunction. The language we use matters because it demonstrates a clinical problem with an often effective in-clinic solution, not just drops.

5. Not now doesn’t mean no. 

It just means not now. Just because a patient declined treatment for their MGD today doesn’t mean they are unlikely to sign up in 6 months. Don’t lose them to the universe. Schedule a 6 month follow-up and then send them Hoot’s nurture campaign that educates them about home care therapies regularly so that your warm lead stays warm over 6 months. And when they do return pre-educated they’re more likely to sign up.

Running a successful dry eye clinic is not rocket science. It’s actually medically inclined sales science. And Hoot helps you automate it.

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