A few polls about webinar content and timing were released in the ODs on FB group this past week. An overwhelming majority of respondents wanted more on-demand or pre-recorded webinars over live webinars. Webinars in real-time can be useful for getting your questions answered immediately, but we understand that everyone’s schedules have shifted in 2020 and education should accommodate for that. Therefore, videos that you can watch at your leisure are great for pausing to take notes, sharing with your peers or staff, or reducing anxiety over fitting another event into your packed schedule.

We’re showcasing our top 4 on-demand webinars from 2020 that you could find highly valuable not just for the year to come, but as evergreen content to train new staff. 

Cold Claim Files 2020

Coding and billing can be both complicated and dull simultaneously, but it’s a topic many ODs would like to learn more about. Successfully filing your claims and receiving reimbursements without denials or rejections saves your practice time and keeps your cash flow constant. In order to bill correctly, you’ll need expert advice on how to fill out, read, and correct many different types of claims. That’s why 16-year insurance expert, Shane Shepherd, goes over a few scenarios where claims might go unfilled so that you can get paid the first time.

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Creating a Rockstar Patient Experience

Well-known optometrist, Dr. Justin Manning from Healthy Eyes Advantage group, has crafted a well-rounded patient experience with the help of experts. Absorbing and applying tips from a world-famous 5-star resort in his home state, Dr. Manning shares what parts of a workflow patients appreciate and which parts you can leave out. We don’t want to give too much away, but Dr. Manning mentions the concepts of rigorous training, equality, visible leadership, and the 10-5 rule.

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Starting with the Medical Model in Optometry

Dr. Maria Sampalis started the Corporate Optometry facebook group to bring together professionals who might have different growth opportunities and limitations than other ODs. During her long career, she’s found different software that helps her boost profits by making medical eye exams quicker and easier to conduct. Listen as she goes over how to start providing care for patients with glaucoma, dry eye, macular degeneration, and more.

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Tech Talk: What does it mean to be in the cloud?

Dr. Masoud Nafey plainly discusses how cloud computing works in optometry and how it can revolutionize your practice’s workflow for good. In order to really bring your practice’s overhead costs down and deliver the best patient care you can, you’ll want to use EHR software that’s cloud-based, not server-based. In under 30 minutes, Dr. Nafey goes over the cost breakdown of your options and why ODs choose to go digital and how it helps improve the patient experience from check-in to check-out. 

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