Greetings fellow vision enthusiasts!

Have you ever watched the eyes a friend or family member glaze over when you try explaining to them how a component of human vision works? Have you ever gotten the sense that people think you went to college and grad school for 8 years just to be able to do the “which is better, one? Or two?” test?

Well here are 3 great videos that will show your family and friends how incredibly fascinating human vision is and why you get so excited about vision and eye health.

A message to all friends and family members of Optometrists:


Thank you for humoring your friend or family member who shared this link with you and then nagged you about clicking it until you finally relented. I can assure you that these 3 videos will teach you some amazing concepts about the vision that we often take for granted. Who knows, maybe you’ll even see the light (get it?) and become an opto-nerd like us.

  1. The evolution of the human eye: From amoeba to the human eye and beyond. This animated talk traces the evolutionary development of the eye from it’s humble beginning to its many iterations which can be seen in nature today.


2. Eye vs. camera: This animated talk illustrates several visual principles such as color vision, focusing and the difference between central vision and peripheral vision.


3. Optical illusions show how we see: This thought-provoking talk explores several optical illusions that illustrate how color interpretation is a cognitive process.

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