You’ve come a long way, baby!

Thus read the ad created for Phillip Morris Company in 1968 to advertise their “Virginia Slims” cigarette. Aimed at the emerging feminist and women’s liberation movement it trumpeted a new era of freedom and liberation. The detrimental effects of smoking led to the banning of all television and radio ads in 1971 and rightly so.

Scleral Lens technology has made a positive impact.

Fortunately for patients and practitioners alike, scleral lens technology has also come a long way but with a positive impact for all.  

From the first glass blown lenses in Germany in the 19th century to the development of PMMA and, ultimately, highly oxygen permeable plastics scleral lenses are starting to be recognized for the manifold benefits they offer for a wide variety of conditions.

Scleral lenses are starting to be mainstreamed into many practice environments and are a hot topic at continuing education symposiums everywhere. Doctors have a keen interest in hands-on wet labs where they can become familiar with various products and fitting techniques.  

Progressive eye care professionals are coming to realize that sclerals can be life-changing not only for advanced corneal dystrophies, ectasias and post trauma but also offer superior optics for multifocals, irregular astigmatism, sports and ocular surface disease (off label).

Look to this column for insight.

Every month this column will be discussing new developments, innovative products, fitting tips and other resources to help doctors and staff flatten the learning curve and integrate this exciting technology into their practices for the benefit of all.  

We will be asking true experts in the field to contribute their experience and insights. The goal is to have an open forum that will be both educational as well as stimulating. Please feel free to let us know what topics would be of interest and benefit to you. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Tom Arnold, OD, FSLS