Discover The MGrx System: An All-in-One Solution for Dry Eye

This multi-modal device delivers clinically proven results in one 15-minute treatment without expensive disposables. It is easy for the clinician to deliver and it is comfortable and effective for the patient. Having an effective dry eye treatment in your practice reduces your reliance on retail sales and enhances your medical ECP – diversifying revenue, differentiating your practice, and delighting your patients.

The MGrx System from OcuSci

MGrx System from OcuSci

Efficiency Boost: Treat patients effectively in just 12 minutes, with minimal involvement required from the clinician.

Cost-Effective Treatment: Zero disposables and an average patient charge between $350-$450 leads to a rapid ROI, achievable in as few as 30 treatments.

Proven Results: Our system enhances Meiboscores through a combination of debridement, heat + massage, and thermal expression.

No Disposables = Better Care: Treat the patient according to their clinical needs without worrying about expensive disposables

Reliable: Made in the USA with a 4-year replacement warranty

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Transform Your Practice with MGrx: Unlock the Future of Eye Care

Elevate your practice with the MGrx System, providing rapid ROI in just 30 sessions and delivering effective 12-minute treatments backed by a comprehensive 4-year Gold Warranty. Clinicians charge between $350 – $450 per treatment, making it a valuable addition with no per-treatment costs.

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