Full Name: Alison Bozung

Name of Practice: Bascom Palmer Eye Institute

Setting: Academic Medical Center

Location: Miami FL

High School Attended: Colton, South Dakota

College Attended: University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Optometry School Attended: Southern College of Optometry

Other Education: Residency at Bascom Palmer Eye Institute

Tell us something interesting about yourself: I love hiking, camping, and rock climbing. 9 times out of 10, I would prefer to be camping in my grungy clothes eating a JetBoiled meal instead of sipping fancy drinks on a beach. Which is slightly unfortunate because the mountains are a LOT farther than the beach for me!

Tell us about your family: I am the youngest of four children, all of whom now live in different states. We grew up in a rural neighborhood outside of Sioux Falls, South Dakota. My first grade class had just 13 kids, and my high school graduating class had a whopping 57.

Tell us about your parents’ occupations: My father worked in IT for a hospital, and my mother is a nurse. My mother worked in cardiac outpatient areas for many years, but now she works part time recovering post operative patients at an ophthalmic surgery center! I think I got her interested in the eyes 😉

Why did you choose optometry as a career? In high school, during an eye dissection, I remember being amazed at the intricacy of the eye. It sparked my interest from day one, and it still does!

What aspects of your professional life do you find most rewarding? I find it very rewarding to be able to teach and share cases that I see on a daily basis with others – whether that be residents, students, lecture attendees, or the broader Instagram crowd. I also find it so rewarding that I truly feel as though I learn something new every day.

How did you end up working where you are now? My husband and I met at BPEI when I was completing my ocular disease optometry residency and he was in his first year of ophthalmology residency. After his fellowship in oculoplastic surgery, we decided to stay on at BPEI. We actually share quite a few patients, and I am pretty sure they all like him more than me!

What professional conferences do you like best? I really enjoy all conferences, but AAO is my favorite. There’s just an energy about it that is hard to recreate, in my opinion. I also love AOA, the Vision Expos, and state association or local society meetings.

What advice do you have for young people considering optometry as a career? Optometry is a great career, and it will never get boring if you keep learning! Keep your nose in the books even after you graduate. Your patients will thank you.

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