Having a current website for your practice is not an option it’s a necessity. 

104 Million searches are done every month on Google relative to eyecare & vision. Not only do you need your website to show up, but you also need to it to be a conversion tool once a potential patient lands on it. 

Before you start to build your website you need to consider what your practice objectives are. They are different for everyone as practices are at different lifecycles and require different marketing. Here are three common objectives:

  • Get more new patients
  • Get previous patients to come back more regularly
  • Grow revenue especially optical revenue

So where do you start? 

Design – design, imagery, and layout of your website should reflect what your practice is about. If you are a high-end boutique then focus on fashionable images. If you are more medical based use images that show your specialties.

Homepage – this is where a consumer lands when they’re searching and you have less than 8 seconds to convince them to stay and continue to browse. The hero image (the first part of the website they see) should be engaging, promotional and educational. 

Content – is super important almost more for Google than for the consumer so that it is search engine optimized…meaning Google is indexing your website as it has relevant content that people are searching for in your geographical area. Unique content is mandatory as Google will penalize a website with copyrighted material.

Pages – although the homepage is key, other pages get a lot of action including the “about us” page (people want to see who works there), brands, services and contact us/ locations page.

Calls to action – when a consumer is searching for eye care, eyewear, eye exams or any vision related search they are what we call “in the market”. Making it easy for them to do an action is important, like book an eye exam, call to ask a question or view your products and services, so make it easy by having buttons in the navigation and footer of the website.

Ask the experts – I can’t stress this enough. Work with people who know eye care & know marketing.

Last tips:

  • Treat your website for what it is…a crucial foundation for all of your marketing
  • It is a 24/ 7 salesperson – is it selling?
  • Don’t set it and forget it
  • Don’t try to do it yourself
  • Get feedback from your patients on your website

Trudi Charest is the Co-Founder of Marketing4ECPs, a full-service marketing agency dedicated to the eye care industry. Trudi can be reached at trudi@4ecps.com or www.marketing4ecps.com