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Why Microvolume Delivery?

Eyedrop bottles create drops that exceed the capacity of the human eye by five times.

Every time a you administer one eyedrop, you are losing approximately 80% of the medication to wasted overflow and/ or systemic absorption. This waste not only contributes to premature bottle exhaustion and financial barriers to care, but clinical research has shown that oversized drops overdose the eye, increasing both local and systemic side effects. Cost and side effects are two of the largest barriers to treatment adherence, leading to reduced patient outcomes.

Redefining Ocular Drug Delivery

The Total Tear Capacity (TTC) is the maximum amount of liquid the eye can contain, and has been measured to be about 30uL. Within the TTC, the Physiologic Tear Volume (PTV) typically fills about 6uL of space, leaving about 24uL of room for additional liquid, what we call the Reserve Tear Volume (RTV). Within the RTV, the functional Reserve Tear Volume or fRTV is the space that can be filled exclusively by topical medications to minimize reflex tearing — optimizing residence time and bioavailability and minimizing local toxicity and systemic absorption. The fRTV is estimated to be approximately 10uL which is in direct conflict with current eyedrop volumes which are often closer to 50uL.

Safety and Efficacy of Microvolume Delivery

Clinical research teams have been investigating the safety and efficacy of microvolume delivery since the 1980s. We now have decades of research demonstrating that drops as small as 5µL are as efficacious as the currently oversized drops. Additionally, many studies have shown smaller drops can reduce both local and systemic side effects, while maintaining therapeutic efficacy.

Reduction of Eyedrop Volume with Nanodropper

A benchtop study conducted at University of Colorado demonstrated that the Nanodropper Adaptor can significantly reduce drop volume and increase the overall number of drops dispensed across formulation types including solutions, suspensions, and emulsions. On average, the Nanodropper reduces droplet volume by 62%, allowing bottles to last approximately 3x as long.

Take 10% Off Your First Order of 20 Units or More with Code ODsonFB10

About Nanodropper

Nanodropper offers value-based solutions to close health equity gaps while promoting patient education and advocacy. Named after the company’s flagship product, Nanodropper has developed a patient-centered adaptor for eyedrop bottles to reduce the volume of currently oversized eyedrops by more than 60%. Smaller drops can help reduce cost, decrease waste, and may minimize potential side effects of vision-saving treatments.

Nanodropper’s products and educational content help patients navigate issues like vision insurance, eye doctor appointments, and deploying their resources in an efficient way. These initiatives align with Nanodropper’s mission of helping patients take back control of their eye health.