If you’ve ever dreamed of owning your own optometry private practice, developing a niche, inventing a new product, or giving back to the community, then take some time to be inspired by Dr. Janelle Davison’s story. Like many others, she found her path to optometry by speaking to her own optometrist then finding a mentor who was doing everything she wanted for her own life – owning a practice, growing a family, teaching, and loving life as a doctor.

In 2010, She cold opened her own practice in Georgia and has never looked back. She and her business partner, who is also her husband, invented PARADEYEM software to help ODs take control of optical revenue, increase efficiency, and reduce costs. Today, Dr. Davison is known as the “Dry Eye Mentor” and enjoys customizing treatment plans for each patient by listening to their needs and addressing their goals. As a natural extension to treating dry eye disease and based on a suggestion from a patient, Dr. Davison has evolved her clinic to provide full-service ocular aesthetics with an in-office spa. Finally, her true passion is mentoring high school students.

She and her sister (a dentist) created S.C.O.R.E. INC. to “pay it forward” and encourage minority high school students to pursue careers in dentistry, optometry, or ophthalmology, as less than 6% of doctors in the US are African American or Hispanic American.

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