If your goal is to cultivate an award-winning garden, there are several steps and considerations required to ensure success. Just planting a few seed packets in your backyard to see if they grow without taking into consideration the amount of water, sun, and good soil will most likely result in little to no yield. To cultivate an award-winning garden, you need to put some thought into the design, invest in specific equipment, order supplies, and lay out irrigation plans to give the garden the best chance of succeeding.  

Like cultivating a successful garden, growing a specialty clinic in Optometry requires a consistent, methodical, and strategic effort to draw patients needing your services. You could just call yourself a “specialist” and wait, and over time you might grow a small specialty. However, chances are you will get bored, frustrated, and your specialty practice will be limited or stagnate. 

The better alternative is to draft a plan to invest and incorporate the appropriate products, treatment technologies, and marketing so that in less time your specialty clinic will flourish. With this game plan, you will build your specialty and enhance your professional and practice reputation faster, resulting in increased profits.  

DryEye Rescue utilizes in-office displays, co-brand marketing, and at-home treatment products to help cultivate more dry eye patients and grow a dry eye specialty. With their system, offices see much higher utilization of in-office treatments, increased product sales, and a high rate of return on their investments. Their partner program utilizes many proprietary tools to take any dry eye clinic to the next level. With DryEye Rescue tools in place, patients are much more likely to ask the staff and doctor about dry eye. With this added curiosity, they are much more likely to get screened by staff and have a discussion with the doctor. Once the dry eye conversation has started between the doctor and patient, their environment ensures patient confidence and higher capture rates.

Many doctors have invested in high-tech dry eye treatment that they thought would “sell themselves”. They were told all they need for a successful dry eye practice were these devices. This has resulted in many devices sitting in rooms under their protective plastic cover, gathering dust. Like the gardener who just put seeds in the ground and expected a yield, you must do something; your patients have no idea you have these devices and no idea their doctor is a dry eye specialist. Most practices do not showcase their specialty in the waiting areas and do not have their technicians talk about the specialty before the patient sees the doctor. Therefore, the conversation about dry eye never gets started unless they are very symptomatic.

Then, there are the opportunities many of us miss to cultivate more dry eye patients. For example, approximately 60% of dry eye patients are considered mild, 30% moderate, and 10% severe. The mild patients are not ready for extensive in-office treatments but are more than willing to start at-home treatments. Patients in the Moderate and Severe categories are more motivated by symptoms, thus require and accept both at-home and in-office treatments much easier. 

It is a well-known fact that dry eye patients with mild symptoms will progress to the moderate and severe categories over time. Most doctors miss a significant opportunity by overlooking dry eye patients in the mild category, due to only focusing on moderate and severe dry eye patients with symptoms. By starting at-home treatments early, you are both helping reduce patient symptoms and, at the same time, “planting the seed” about in-office treatment options down the road. When you do this, patients are not surprised by recommendations about more expensive options, because you explained before this could happen down the road.

DryEye Rescue is the one tool you need to advance your dry eye specialty clinic. Consider them the “Landscape Architects and Fertilizer for Dry Eye Clinics”. When it comes to a dry eye specialty, they supply the plan, the tools, help with co-branding and online marketing. They help showcase new products and treatments with eye-catching displays and products that will help you cultivate an award-winning dry eye specialty.

Getting started is simple, with packages starting at $59.00/mo. For more information on DryEye Rescue contact Dennis Evans, Director of Professional Relations at dennis@dryeyerescue.com, or 561.468.8747. dryeyerescuepro.com