It is my honor and pleasure to serve as associate editor for the cornea and anterior segment section for When asked to serve in this role by our fearless leader, Dr. Alan Glazier, I wondered what I would be able to contribute to our profession in regard to anterior segment in this format that was in some way different than other professional communication formats out there such as journals, periodicals, e-newsletters, etc.

All I had to do was to look at how ODs on Facebook has changed the way optometrists connect with each other. Alan has dramatically changed how optometrists interact. My professional background throughout my career has always been involved with medicine and ophthalmology. Starting with my residency in ocular disease and continuing on through my academic affiliations and my incorporation of ophthalmology sub-specialties within our optometric practice, I have always been impressed by the interactive nature of traditional medicine (both within ophthalmology and between various medical specialties).

I always felt that optometry suffered from isolation. Other than at our professional meetings (local, state, regional and national) ODs traditionally worked in practice isolation while MDs had the opportunity to regularly interact due to their hospital affiliations and time spent at the hospitals where they would run into their peers as well as other physicians and healthcare professionals. However, everything changed for optometry when Alan created ODs on Facebook. Now thousands of ODs regularly share thoughts and experiences. They benefit from the interaction with their peers in this virtual community. It has brought our optometric world so much closer and has benefited our profession in such a huge way. We owe so much to Alan for all that he has done and continues to do.

In my new role, I have asked three amazing young “turks” to assist me in communicating to you regularly in our cornea and anterior segment section of I welcome Drs. Milana Matz, John Gelles and Ryan McKinnis as contributing editors for our section. Milana is an associate OD at our private practice, North Suburban Vision Consultants located in the greater Chicago suburbs. She is co-director of our specialty contact lens service and also heads our aesthetic eye care service. Watch out for Milana, her star is rising quickly.

John Gelles is an amazing young OD who already has had a great impact in the areas of cataract/refractive surgery, keratoconus and scleral lens management. He currently is an associate at Hersh Vision Group in New Jersey where they provide care for so many patients with anterior segment disease, especially keratoconus. Ryan is on staff at the world-famous Cleveland Eye Clinic and he specializes in anterior segment disease, advanced contact lens care and also in keratoconus diagnosis and management. He is lecturing at so many of our professional meetings and you likely have seen his publications as well. Both John and Ryan serve on the medical advisory board of the International Keratoconus Academy of eye care professionals, for which I serve as president of the executive board and am the co-founder of the organization (

So, now let’s talk content. You can expect the four of us to share our impressions about what is going on in the area of cornea and anterior segment disease diagnosis and management. We will not only bring you information on the latest research and developments in the field but we will add in our personal take on the topics. All of us are and should be evidence-based and practice based upon principles of well-designed and conducted research, however how we implement research into our everyday practice takes interpretation and application that our collective years of experience has allowed us to do.

We will have relatively brief columns to share with you and hopefully, you will find it interesting and impactful on your practice. We welcome and encourage feedback and interaction from our readers. This is the cornerstone of social media and community. Let’s continue to expand upon what Alan Glazer first envisioned and created. So, welcome to the cornea and anterior segment section of

S. Barry Eiden, OD, FAAO