Years ago I decided to use the size of our community to negotiate a great deal with a credit card vendor for members. I vetted several companies and settled on Vantiv who promised a super-low non-adjustable rate and a dedicated representative to handle account issues. This worked well…for a while. Vantiv was bought by WorldPay who promised to continue the deal. To my dismay and that of many of you WorldPay gradually raised rates and charged fees without notifying anyone. As members caught on to this we reached out to them, however reps were unresponsive and requests for help were futile. Frustration escalated, many left and found another vendor. As such we are no longer recommending them and I’ve been asked by many of you to negotiate a deal with another vendor. 

Fearful the situation might recur with a new vendor, I did some research of my own. What I learned was disheartening; merchant processing companies have a history of empty promises and gradually escalating rates. The business model for most of these companies is a bait-and-switch; initially offer low rates, raise them gradually making large profits off those who don’t pay attention which is many of us. Because of this, I realized I couldn’t recommend any of these companies as  I couldn’t promise the deal would remain intact long-term and our members with complaints would have someone to turn to for help. 

Fortunately, during my research, I ran across a company called Merchant Cost Consulting (MCC). MCC is a merchant processing company monitoring system. They review your account monthly, find overcharges and hidden fees then renegotiate with your vendor on your behalf to ensure you are paying the lowest amount of fees. They are credit card processing cops! MCC gets compensated by splitting the savings they find while ensuring rates are kept steady – it’s contingency-based – There are no out of pocket costs. Signing up is quick, easy and can save you money every month starting immediately. If not, you owe nothing so nothing to lose. Plus you have a point person, Patrick, to help you.

No matter who you choose as your CC processing vendor we strongly recommend signing up with MCC to ensure rates remain steady and you continue to pay a low fee over time. For more information or to sign up contact Patrick MacLellan, Director of Business Development at (508) 733-7622 or by email at and mention ODs on facebook in the subject line as our members will receive a higher percentage of the monthly savings.