Let’s be honest. Is there anything more frustrating than dealing with the hassles of managed vision care? We have all been there. Patient calls in to schedule an appointment, and the first thing your staff asks is if they have vision insurance. The patient replies, “Yes, I have vision insurance, but I have no idea who it is through.”

So what’s next?

The staff searches 4 to 6 portals just to figure out who the insurance is through. After that, they still have to figure out what their eligibility and benefits say. There goes 5 minutes of their day that they will never get back…On EVERY single patient. That wasted time adds up.

Then, the patient on the phone asks to schedule their three kids, too. So back to the vision care portal they go to run eligibility and benefits for the three kids…or not because the phone is ringing off the hook and someone is impatiently standing at the front desk waiting for assistance, so the staff just put the three kids on the schedule and plan to go back and run eligibility later when they get a spare minute. (FYI, They rarely go back and complete the eligibility check because let’s be honest, they never have a spare minute.)

A week later, the Mom and her 3 kids show up for their appointment. At check-in, the staff realize that the eligibility was never processed for the three kids, so they go ahead and check eligibility at check-in. To their dismay, they realize that two of the children aren’t eligible for glasses yet. The staff informs the mother and she becomes furious because the only reason that she pulled Johnny and Timmy out of school was to get new glasses.

Welcome to my life as an optometrist, and I am sure many of you can share a similar story. I dealt with situations similar to this for 11 years of owning my own practice before I decided that there had to be a better way of doing business. After stepping out of the trenches of seeing patients daily, I focused on managing the operations of my practice. Issues such as this example, which plagued my office and the industry as a whole, started to emerge as a constant problem and drove me insane. 

After lots of blood, sweat, and tears and a great team of developers, PracticePal came to life. 

PracticePal will automatically search the major vision care payers and return an eligibility and benefits result for the patient and any other family member on the plan, in a matter of seconds. No more staff searching every vision portal for benefits and eligibility! It saves staff so much time and headaches while increasing efficiency and profits for the practice.  

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