It may come as no surprise that over 70% of internet users are on Facebook. That platform has permeated all levels of our society and has changed the way we communicate with others, interact with businesses, and even shop. Businesses stand to gain tremendously from having a good Facebook presence, but can also be hurt by having a bad one. 

The truth is, your business’s online presence is analogous to a physical building or store. It’s often the only way that a potential patient will hear about you and it’s how they will ultimately make the decision whether or not they make an appointment with you. Think of walking into a clean, well-organized store vs. a cluttered, dirty mess…Which are you more likely to become a customer of? Having an unused or messy social media page will turn people away from you.

But how do you have a good Facebook presence? Below, we’ll lay out some tips for making sure your page shines!

Fill out your page info

­Make sure to include important details like: address, website, business hours, etc. This will make it easier for potential patients to learn more about you and book appointments!

­Have a good cover image

Often overlooked, the cover image is the banner that sits above your profile photo on Facebook. It’s important for your cover image to be personalized. So having a photo of your building, staff, or just your locations listed is encouraged!

Also, watch out for the tricky dimension limitations that Facebook places on cover images. Use this handy guide when making your cover image.

Make your profile photo personal

It can be tempting to use a generic stock image for a profile photo, but how will that differentiate you from other Optometrists? It’s best practice to use your office’s logo or a photo of yourself as a profile image. 

It’s also important that this logo fits fully in the profile circle. See below for an example.

Be active!

Lastly, it’s important to be active on your page. You’ll want to have posts going up consistently to let visitors know that you’re available. Your content should be a mix of information for the public about what the Optometrist does, with a few sales pitches and “calls to action” that remind patients to book an appointment with you. 

A patient may not always be inclined to give you a phone call, but instead, they’ll send you a message through Facebook. Make sure to check your inbox at least once per day so that you never miss out on a booking.

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