Dr. Vince Brandys graduated from DePaul University and the Illinois College of Optometry. He began a cold start private practice in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago in 1993. Later he joined the administration of ICO in 2001 and held several administrative positions until his retirement in 2021.

During his optometric career, he has been a consultant for Alcon, Zeiss,  Hoya, and several Ophthalmology practices in the Chicagoland area, as well as an expert witness for eye care litigation. Dr. Brandys has been a long-time volunteer for the Illinois and American Optometric Associations and state and federal lobbyists. He was elected President of the IOA in 2000 being the youngest OD ever to do so. The following year, the AOA recognized him as the national Young Optometrist of the Year.

Dr. Brandys is currently an associate in private practice in Lockport, IL, and is the Principal Owner of Stingray Strategies, consulting firm for eye care industry clients.