Facebook is still king of social platforms, but Instagram is one of the fastest growing social channels in 2018.  With over 800 million users it is definitely a platform you need to consider for your eyecare business. 

Instagram has so much to offer businesses in the way of social marketing these days with the addition of Instagram stories and Instagram advertising. Whether your goal is to build more brand awareness, get patients to call your office or have people walk in to buy eyewear it is all possible with Instagram…it just takes a little strategy and smart posting. 

Top Ten Tips When Using Instagram

  1. Use good images. Really take the time to learn how to take great pictures. Whether they are pictures of frames & sunglasses or of patients wearing glasses look at the lighting and the backgrounds to ensure you get a good shot. If it does not look good, don’t post it.
  2. Think of your audience. Millennials love Instagram and are the largest audience, so think of what a Millennial might like or comment on before posting. 
  3. To get followers, start by following people and businesses in your geographical area.  Ask your patients to follow you as well. 
  4. Start interacting with your followers by commenting on their pictures and images when you see something you like. 
  5. Get creative with posts.  Don’t just post the products you sell…post services and solutions you offer in the industry.
  6. Get promotional. Promotions and contests do well on Instagram. Get more traffic to your website and in office by posting current offers or give something away.
  7. Build a posting schedule and stay active. Posting consistently will assist you in getting more followers and staying interactive. 
  8. Use videos. Don’t just post images, post videos as well. Practice taking videos of your office and staff or of events you are hosting in the office.
  9. Try Instagram stories. These are short videos that are not in your regular Instagram feed but live for 24 hours. They currently get more exposure than a regular Instagram post.
  10. Look at your analytics. Take the time to review what is working. What is getting more attention, likes, comments, and traffic. Then post more of those posts.

Last tip…

Follow industry influencers who are rocking it on Instagram, like @oaklandvisioncenter, @californiaglassesgirl, @synergeyes and @weloveeyes